Complete tales and poems


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This book contains tales and poems by Edgar Allan Poe that became innovative
literature discoveries at the time and extremely popular in its genre: The Fall of
the House Usher, The Gold-Bug, poem The Raven. Edgar Poe was one of the first
American writers who wrote mostly novellas. Within twenty years Edgar Poe
created two short novels, two poems, one play, about seventy stories, fifty poems
and ten essays that were published in magazines and almanacs and then gathered
in collection books.
Edgar Poe was highly valued by Jules Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle and Howard
Phillips Lovecraft who admitted his pioneer role in the genres they were popularizing.
In his thriller stories Poe tries to show psychic side of the crime from the inside.
He is not interested in social roots of the crime, but in unmotivated actions that go
beyond normal behavior of a person in the society.
Nevertheless, in a series of stories while describing the acts committed by
characters under influence of “contradiction demon” or “perversion demon”, Poe
puts in rational reasons. For example, the character from the story The Black Cat
understands that his brain is poisoned with alcohol, and as a result his mental health
and temper were injured. But this reasoning is too plain and trivial for the thriller.
Narrating on behalf of the criminal, Poe brings actions under the control of
contradiction demon. Combination of plans puts volume to the stories the events
are at the same time rational and not, motivated and incredibly paradoxical.


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